Rx and The Side Effects
Rx and The Side Effects CD

Artwork by Lisa Hoag Designs

Album Photography by Lisa Hoag

Track List:

  1. Prescription Chaos 2:24
  2. Side Effects 3:22
  3. Money Today 4:54
  4. Tired (radio mix) 4:59
  5. Simple Woman 4:32
  6. Addicted To Drugs 3:04
  7. What Happened To the Care 2:09
  8. No Person On the Line 3:20
  9. Gun In Hand 4:59
  10. Small Business Blues 4:11


Take two CDs and call us in the morning. Don’t blame us if your insurance doesn’t cover the resulting laughter and tears.

Linq's CD, Rx and The Side Effects, recorded at IMAeast in Goshen, MA with producer June Millington, was released on August 25, 2009, by LinqSongs!

Like so many others, Linq took piano as a kid and taught herself the guitar as a young adult, but she made a detour to become a pharmacist. Not just one of those white-coated clerks at a chain store, but at her own store. At the young age of 55, she climbed up on stage, sans the lab coat, and sang for an audience that was so enthusiastic that soon after she sold the pharmacy and made music a focus. With the release of Rx and the Side Effects, she shares some "up close and personal" experiences and stories about our failed healthcare system that only an insider could tell.

Rx and the Side Effects was produced by June Millington (Cris Williamson), and features a stellar group of musicians including June on guitar, Jean Millington on bass, Jami Sieber (Ferron) on electric cello, Julie Wolf on keyboards (Dar Williams, Ani Difranco), Ruth Davies on upright bass (Bonnie Raitt) and others.