Music Videos

Oh Bully

Watch the video, "Oh Bully":

On May 23, 2011 Linq won the OUTstanding OUTmusician Award at the 7th Annual 2011 OUTmusic Awards in New York City- for her song "Oh Bully" - an urgent response to the recent and tragic school bullying suicides. Bullycide, suicide as a result of bullying, is brought to life in this music video loosely based upon the death of an 11-year-old boy who was tormented by his schoolmates. The vivid imagery and emotional impact make it a great educational tool for schools and organizations working to address this issue.

Diversity Dance

Watch the video, "Diversity Dance":

An uplifting celebration of our humanity. Recorded at the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) with all the musicians, singers, and engineers participating in the party atmosphere.

George Orwell Where Are You?

Watch the video, "George Orwell Where Are You?":

Linq strikes at the status quo with the sharpness of a stiletto. Cutting-Edge political Folk-Rock at its best! An Orwellian view of the Bush administration, starring Linq, with a guest appearance by guitar goddess June Millington.