Disconnect CD Disconnect

RELEASED on October 15th 2013:
Are you experiencing technical difficulties - every day? Maybe it's time to unplug. Linq explores the downside of our rapidly expanding technology... DISCONNECT Released October 15th, 2013. Read more...

Caught in the Act CD Caught in the Act Acoustic

Released September 27, 2011:
Modern protest singer Linq takes a left-hand turn into the up-close-and-live with the release of her fifth full-length CD, Caught in the Act Acoustic. Read more, BUY...

Rx and The Side Effects CD New! Life Goes On

Released on August 25, 2009

Take two CDs and call us in the morning. Don’t blame us if your insurance doesn’t cover the resulting laughter and tears. Read more and listen, BUY...

Life Goes On CD New! Life Goes On

Life Goes On, released on April 14, 2009, was produced by June Millington (Cris Williamson) and features a stellar array of musicians including June on guitar, Jean Millington on bass, Jami Sieber (Ferron) on electric cello, and others, with songs about diversity, the state of the world and why you should drive slowly on Route 32. Read more, BUY

"Oh Bully" Single CD Oh Bully

"Oh Bully" ©2010: This single addresses the devastating effects of bullying on our youth. Loosely based on the suicide of an 11 year-old boy. Can be used as an educational tool in Safe Schools programs.
Linq has just won the 2011 7th Annual OUTmusic Awards OUTstanding OUTMusician award for "OH Bully"! Listen, BUY, read more …