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“Linq” Bio Photo by David Brothers
       photo by David Brothers

She saw Led Zeppelin on their first US tour and loves Joan Baez, but don’t expect some wide-eyed hippie in tie-dye cooing about love and daisies. Sure, if you went to the first Woodstock and you want peace-loving music, you’ve come to the right place, but your kids will also love her refreshingly direct folk-rock with a touch of blues, vintage R&B and yep, even techno, with anthems that’ll make you dance around your living room or call your congress person, some at the same time.

Like so many others, she took piano as a kid and taught herself the guitar as a young adult, but she made a detour to become a pharmacist. Not just one of those white-coated clerks at a chain store, but at her own store. At the young age of 55, she climbed up on stage, sans the lab coat, and sang for an audience that was so enthusiastic that soon after she sold the pharmacy and made music a focus. Linq does nothing halfway, diving into the music world with a single in 2003 and then her first album Journey in 2004. Another full-length album, Fast Moving Dream, came out in 2006, followed by both Life Goes On and Rx and the Side Effects in 2009, live solo album Caught in the Act Acoustic in 2011, and most recently Disconnect in 2013.

Linq performs around New England and at selected gigs outside the region including BB King’s Blues Club in Nashville in 2009 and the 2011 We R Indie/Indiegrrl International Conference in Knoxville. Her first video, “George Orwell Where Are You?” has remained near the top of the list of Neil Young’s Living With War Today Top Protest Videos since it debuted in 2007. She’s been the featured artist on several sites including Indiegrrl, Gay Guitarists Worldwide, GoGirls and more.

Awards include an Honorable Mention for “Tired” from the International Narrative Song Competition, in the top 50 in the American Idol Underground (“Victim of the War”), and Fast Moving Dream was in the top 40 on the Outvoice charts for an entire year. "Change the Picture" was nominated for the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards (world’s largest with 560,000 song submissions) in the Political Song category. Linq was also one of the five nominees for OUTMusician of the Year (music + activism) in the 2009 OUTMusic Awards, and she was named Musical Artist of 2009 in the 2009 Pride in the Arts Awards. David Byrne of The Windy City Times (Chicago, IL) named title track “Life Goes On” the 2009 Song of the Year. She was named OUTstanding OUTMusician at the 7th Annual OUTMusic Awards in May 2011 and was one of the finalists in a Songwriter Showdown in Knoxville in August 2011.

Rx and the Side Effects broke into the Roots Music Report Top 50 Folk the first week out and remained there for five weeks, peaking at #23 the week of September 25, 2009. The album also peaked at #4 in the Massachusetts Section (all genres) the same week.

Disconnect spent multiple weeks in the Roots Music Report Top Fifty Folk Chart and in the Weekly Top 50 Massachusetts Album Chart in January and February 2014, and “Seneca Falls to Selma” spent a week at #14 in the Top Fifty Weekly Top 50 Folk Song Chart.

Linq believes that music is the most effective tool we have to bring people together, to celebrate each other and to break down barriers. And if it takes a former pharmacist to do that, all the better. It’s a medicine we can all use.

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  • DISCONNECT: “…immediately a classic singer songwriter folk style grabs hold and does not let go.” “… a fine record that perfectly fits within the walls of the Folkworld loft and will satisfy many a listener. I was left fully moved by the steady quality of songs coming forth.”
    David Hintz, FolkWorld, November 2014 (European webzine)

  • DISCONNECT: “…full modern folk with lovely melodies and accompaniment…” “A recommended album for Coyotes fans of songwriters.” – Translated
    Le CRI du COYOTE (French music magazine issue #141)

  • DISCONNECT: “It’s a rather good set of tight folk-rock featuring clever and often pointed songs such as ‘Pillow’, ‘Seneca Falls To Selma’, ‘Oh Bully’ and ‘Patriarch’. Besides, any woman who covers Tom Petty is okay in our book. Recommended for further investigation.”
    R2,, July, 2014

  • DISCONNECT: “…her voice still in fine form (at times reminiscent of Judy Small at other Joan Baez) and her political fire undiminished…” “She may work on the fringes rather than at the heart of the national consciousness, but her voice and her music are no less worth your attention.”
    Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK, March, 2014

  • DISCONNECT: “Satisfaction comes from many things and in many ways. Not straying far from that statement Linq delivers more than just satisfaction, musically and lyrically with ‘Disconnect’. A collection of mostly original songs. With one very appropriate Tom Petty cover. "Disconnect" treats the ear with pure musical mastery. Challenging the mind with lyrics which dance with the musical accompaniment while spurring thoughts and emotions.”
    Len Rogers, Stonewall Society, February, 2014

  • DISCONNECT: “… some really hard hitting content, great to find such an unexpected political album, that draws on the heritage of the protest movement and tries to bring it to contemporary themes, recommended.”
    Neil King, FATEA Magazine/ UK, February, 2014

  • DISCONNECT: “There is a steady, staying power with [Linq’s] music that is hard to come by.”
    Peter Hay, Twin Vision, January, 2014

  • DISCONNECT: “Lesbian folk legend Linq returns with ‘Disconnect’ (, songs featuring her unique perspective on contemporary society and culture…”
    Gregg Shapiro, Bay Area Reporter, December, 2013

  • DISCONNECT: “On her 6th album ‘Disconnect’, the former pharmacist and political activist ‘Linq’ has wrapped her messages and opinions into beautiful melodies on which her kd lang reminiscent vocals are getting fully explored. She started singing at the blessed age of 55 years, but ‘Linq’ still has many interesting stories to tell which will enhance the social and cultural consciousness with her audience.”, November, 2013

  • DISCONNECT: “Again, Linq connects with the listener, takes you on some fantastic musical rides, and makes you stop and think. The title song ‘Disconnect’ makes me want to be sure that I don’t.”
    Jay Deane, President WJDF, October, 2013

  • CAUGHT IN THE ACT ACOUSTIC: “You don’t have to be a ‘folkie’ to see that this is a clear, strong and heartfelt performance.”
    Arts and Entertainment, The Recorder

  • CAUGHT IN THE ACT ACOUSTIC: “Linq proves to be a keen observer of social issues…”
    Pop Making Sense, Windy City Times

  • CAUGHT IN THE ACT ACOUSTIC: “~ Nice, pure voice, easy to listen to, even at length. Talented folkie, and I see she's already an award winner.”
    Steve Richter, music director, WJFF, October 18, 2011

  • “One of today's top LGBTQI songwriting advocates…”
    New Music, Bear Radio Network, September 22, 2010

  • Linq’s ‘No Person on the Line’ Best healthcare rage song ever…”
    Curve Magazine, September 2010

  • “The 21st century’s female Dylan, Linq is writing songs about social and environmental issues while offering up dance tunes and anthems that you’ll be singing long after her concert is over.”
    Music Up Close With Janie, Scope Magazine, June 17, 2010

    “Any open-minded, socially conscious music lover will applaud Linq's work with a standing ovation.”
    R. Ashley, Positive Music Association

  • “It's hard to imagine a more timely song cycle than Linq's 'Rx and the Side Effects'.” “Linq succeeds in this ambitious recorded endeavor by looking at the health industry from many different angles, and with multiple musical approaches.”
    Indie-Music Review, D. MacIntosh, December 5, 2009

    “Linq… has a lot to say about our country’s health care system, and she’s in a unique position to get her message across.” “… a talented singer-songwriter.”
    Arts and Entertainment, The Recorder, 2009

    “Royalston singer-songwriter Linq knows what the doctor orders.” “… a timely look at what is perceived as the chaotic world of health care.”
    R. Duckett,, 2009

  • “I am still feasting on Linq’s fantastic album, ‘Life Goes On’, from earlier this year; ‘Rx and the Side Effects’ is a remarkable successor.”
    D. Byrne, Pop Making Sense, Windy City Times, September 30, 2009

    “Listening to new music sent to me by Linq out of Royalston MA. Incredible melody with poignant lyrics about honesty and truth. A well produced CD giving a discriminating listener the opportunity to feel the mix instead of wondering what was mixed. Thanks Linq! You have a new fan.”
    David Helms, Host of Roots Americana Radio, 1670AM, San Antonio, TX

    “New England sensation Linq is back…” “Linq has the knack of story-telling in a moving and musical way.” ”Get a box of tissues ladies or you won’t get through this collection.”
    Womens Rising Music, August 2009

    “Her songs have an addictive beat that makes them fun to listen to.” “Linq’s voice is a bit like Melissa Etheridge, and her music also follows the same kind of sound (with some kd Lang and maybe even a bit of Led Zeppelin in there as well). Frankly, I like her sound, I applaud her message(s)…”
    E. Dunster, Feminist Review, August 14, 2009

    “…Linq offers a musical manifesto on the current societal issue of fixing the health care industry.”
    Richard J. Lynch,, August 2009

    “Linq has a knack for harmonies and captivating choruses…”
    D. Byrne, Pop Making Sense, Windy City Times, April 8, 2009

    “I mean this when I say you have found a unique sound and artist when you listen to Linq. Her sound does have a hippy generation, sixties vibe to it but her songwriting and voice have her original stamp.”
    T. Petrossi, Rockin’ Moms, April 6, 2009

    “This is an excellent collection and work from rising artist Linq and her cohorts. Our pick for the new Woman on the Rise.”
    Women’s Rising Music, March 29, 2009

    “Using stories drawn from real life experience, Linq’s intelligently timed lyrics and guitar licks resonate loudly the sound of socially conscious change that not only entertains listeners, but educates them as well.”
    D. Aquino, Greenfield Town Crier, March 13, 2009

    “As an indie music writer, I feel seriously outclassed here. Linq has no business being on an indie site. She should be opening for Bob Dylan. Or Joni Mitchell. Janis Ian would love her too. It’s not just Linq’s talent that puts her on this level. As a protest folk singer/songwriter and activist, she somehow manages to avoid the “Everything Sucks” sub-genre that so many indie protest folkies fall into.”
    J. Layton,, March 7, 2009

    “Linq’s songs can be boldly emphatic as well as intimate. Possessed of a fine musical voice, she can sing candidly about broken relationships as well as rally people with her social comment/social protest songs.”
    R. Duckett, Arts and Entertainment (Worcester Telegram), February 25, 2009

    “Great album.”
    A. Lewis, New England Music Scrapbook, February 14, 2009

    “It's a very old-school, not-hipster-ironic brand of feel-good, rollicking from folk to almost-reggae, light blues to acoustic balladry...”
    J. Heflin, The Valley Advocate, February 5, 2009

  • “I TRULY dig your vibe and thoughtfulness.”
    DJ Harris, The SoupyGato Show, January 31, 2008

    “I loved this CD..." "Linq will mark her territory on the fight against prejudice, hate, and ignorance all within this one remarkable CD.”
    Kristin Theckston, BacstagePass, November 2007

  • “HER LYRICS CHALLENGE listeners the way that Michael Moore challenges viewers.”
    A. Forcier, Arts and Entertainment (The Recorder), July 5, 2007 (Greenfield, MA)

  • “YOUR CREATIONS are a breath of organic fresh air in the singer-songwriter world today. I'm very impressed.”
    Kate Kulas, host/producer of “Rainbow Connection-The Music Mix”, KUMD, March 16, 2007 (Duluth, MN)

    “I really love your CD. Good recording and GREAT lyrics. I will be playing you a lot on my shows.”
    Dynamic Dave, WDYN 100.1 FM, Jan. 15, 2007 (Rochester, NY)

    ”You might call Linq a modern-day protest singer.”
    Guy-Michael Grande "Ear Candy", the Chronicle, Dec. 2006 (Middletown, CT).

     “... her electric folk rock sound - ‘appealing to Woodstock originals’ - is good, and I've learned my lesson about judging a book by its cover yet again.”
    Anthony King, Bay Windows, Boston, MA, 7/20/06

    “Linq’s latest release, ‘Fast Moving Dream’, is a collection of thought provoking songs sure to engage the listener. Her skillful use of words coupled with an enchanting sound leaves the listener wanting more.”
    Georgia Moncrief for, June 2006

  • “HER MUSIC is stirring, the words poetic, and the pictures filled with symbolism. The CD is the first step of a long journey, and Linq is on solid ground tapping into her personal tragedy and triumphs to find her art.”
    D. Durling, Winchendon Courier, 4/14/05

    “No one can possibly claim that ‘all these songs sound the same’; each song is refreshingly unique.”
    Greg Vine, Athol Daily News, 9/2/04

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News News

  • October News 2016:
    Linq Sings for Eagles: The Eagle Reserve Conservation Area is a 139-acre mix of woods, wetlands, and open water that is one of the North Quabbin's most breathtaking unprotected areas. Located in Royalston, MA, Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust now owns the property after working with the Town and with community members to protect the land permanently. Home to nesting Eagles, the reserve will be open to the public and will serve as a unique natural classroom to support science education at the nearby Royalston School. Linq was asked to write a song about the Eagle Reserve, and it will be available at CDBaby in November 2016.

  • February News 2015:
    Award-winning American radio broadcaster Bob Sherman, host of the popular radio folk program “Woody’s Children,” is airing two of Linq’s songs on Sunday, March 1, 2015. It airs on WFUV in New York between 4 and 5 pm, streams live, and usually is archived for a couple of weeks at

  • January News 2015 - DISCONNECT:
    OUTmusic Awards: LINQ IS NOMINATED!
    Linq is one of five nominees for an award in the 9th OUTmusic Awards for “Seneca Falls to Selma” in the Best Folk/Country Song category along with Antigone Rising, Run Jenny, Dan Paul and Karmen Buttler. The OUTmusic Awards will be presented at Townhall Theater NYC on Monday, January 19th. The hosts for the evening are Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black) and Sir Ari Gold. More information about the event, honorees and nominees can be found at:

  • DISCONNECT rocketed to the top of the charts at OutVoice in July 2014. It’s Number One on the OutVoice Top Twenty CD Chart, and title track “Disconnect” is Number One on the OutVoice Top Ten Song Chart for the same time period. LIFE GOES ON had a solid presence there for a long time (and FAST MOVING DREAM before that), and I’m is most grateful for the loyalty of my LGBT fans, friends and allies. Thank you all, Linq

  • DISCONNECT spent some time in the Top 50 Folk Chart in the Roots Music Report and in the Top Ten in the MASSACHUSETTS: Roots Radio Airplay Chart in January and February 2014, and “Seneca Falls to Selma” even jumped into the #14 slot in the Weekly Top 50 Folk Song Chart for a week.

  • DISCONNECT received a nice CD review from Len Rogers of StoneWall Society.
    Len and Linq also had a nice on-air chat on Rainbow World Radio. The interview (including some of the songs from the album) and review are both available at

  • December News 2013:
    “Seneca Falls to Selma” from DISCONNECT was featured on JD Doyle’s OutRadio for November. This popular LGBT show has listeners from around the world. Linq is one of the featured artists in Part 2. Listen here or read his commentary at “Click for Script & Artist Gallery.”

  • December 7th 2013:
    DISCONNECT is getting some good airplay in Linq’s home state according to the Roots Music Report weekly charts. The album has moved into the top ten in the MASSACHUSETTS: Roots Radio Airplay Chart, ranked Number 8 for the week of December 07, 2013.

  • December News 2013:
    RightOut TV just published a nice full-page interview of Linq in support of her new release DISCONNECT.

  • October News 2013:

    Folk singer Linq releases her sixth CD Disconnect

    It’s easy to see why modern protest singer Linq was voted OUTstanding OUTmusican in 2011 at the 7th OUTmusic Awards if you listen to her wonderful CD, Disconnect. With threads of connection and disconnection ghosting throughout, the eleven song disc features her trademark original political folk as well as a fitting Tom Petty cover. The songs feature her very capable band, with June Millington on guitar and more, Lee Madeloni on drums, bass and more; plus others on bass and percussion. Linq plays acoustic guitar and sings on these satisfying songs, from the title cut, about how too many of us can’t tear ourselves away from modern technology, to the biting “Oh Bully,” a tragic story of a youngster who took his life. Released on October 15, 2013, it will be available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and other sites.

    The poignant “Oh Bully” is based on the true story of an eleven year old “beautiful boy with an easy smile." In the chorus, Linq sings, “Oh bully what have you done / Said you and your gang were just having fun.” Each time those words come around, it becomes more poignant, ending with the boy’s funeral and the bullying gang having to live with the ghost they created. “Seneca Falls to Selma” is a thoughtful ballad about civil rights that draws from three important events in U.S. history. It’s one of those songs that leave the listener feeling stronger and ready to carry on with whatever work they’re doing. In “Patriarch (Apron Strings),” a smart woman gets bad advice from a man – a universal theme that could be applied to all women. Linq sings about class in “Pillow,” where an overheard conversation in an upscale hotel leaves her wondering about the refugee in a tent village who would treasure any pillow on any bed. The Tom Petty piece, “Two Gunslingers,” fits in well with Linq’s original songs, painting a vivid portrait of two fighters who decide to take control of their lives. There’s a classic rock feel in “Living on the Edge of Disaster,” about dwelling in the shadow of a nuclear reactor. Linq takes a more personal turn in “Whatever Happened,” musing about a lost relationship and making the hard realization that it was time to move on. In “Lady of the Night,” she sings compassionately about a prostitute who hopes that one of the men will “… make this wilted flower his own." June Millington`s electric guitar adds stabs of emotion. The last song, "Dusky Mellow," is a dreamy instrumental, perfect to end this many-flavored disc.

    Linq is a former pharmacist who saw Led Zeppelin on their first US tour and loves Joan Baez. She`s not a wide-eyed hippie in tie-dye cooing about love and daisies, though. Earlier recordings contain songs about the health care industry, queer diversity, war and other topics important to so many. Linq performs around New England and at selected gigs outside the region. She’s been the featured artist on several sites including Indiegrrl, Gay Guitarists Worldwide, GoGirlsMusic and more.

    Linq firmly believes that music is the most effective tool we have to bring people together, whether it`s the tragic tale of a sweet young man or a more personal contemplation of a lost relationship. It`s all here on her excellent new CD, Disconnect.

  • March News 2013:
    Linq was recently the featured performer on a television show called The Song. Show host Mary Wheelan focuses on original songs and the songwriting process.
    Here’s the link:
    Click on The Song and then on the episode Linq.

  • February News 2013:
    LIFE GOES ON has landed in the Number 2 position on the OutVoice Top 20 CDs of 2012. The monthly and yearly charts can be viewed at, and the songs are aired on Rainbow World Radio. OutVoice is the oldest and only active GLBT Musicians CD ranking system. It has been online since 1996.

  • November News 2012:
    “Route 32 Blues” from LIFE GOES ON was aired on Car Talk on November 3rd on Episode #1244: Grandma Is Peeling Rubber. This syndicated show with hosts Click and Clack is aired on NPR radio stations across the country and has four million listeners a week.

  • October 5-17, 2012:
    OK, so here’s the scoop! Linq is a contender for Best Song So Far (a songwriter award) in the Canadian-based 2012 RightOutTV 2012 Music and Video Awards. A panel of almost 30 judges with various connections in the music industry is currently reviewing all the entries with no outside voting permitted.

    However… there is a Fan Fave Award! And here’s where you come in. If you’d like to support Linq as your FAVORITE ARTIST of all the contenders being considered, you can go to the link below and vote for her. Only one vote is allowed, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of three prize CD packages.

    Voting closes on October 17th.

    Thank you!!
    ~ The LinqMusic Team

  • October News 2012:
    "Don’t You Understand (Acoustic)" re-recorded and released last year on CAUGHT IN THE ACT ACOUSTIC was the “Protest Song of the Day” featured on September 27th on FireDogLake’s The Dissenter. The blog recognizes the power of protest music and acknowledges its role in keeping dissent alive by posting a protest song and accompanying write-up five days a week.

  • August News 2012:
    Exciting News! Under the Radar is a glossy American magazine with a readership of more than 185,000 that’s released four times a year and features opinion and commentary on the Indie music scene as well as reviews on books, DVDs and albums. Every four years they put together a special Protest Issue featuring politically-themed articles and photos of bands holding self-made protest signs. It has become their most popular issue. The acoustic version of “Don’t You Understand” from my 2011 release CAUGHT IN THE ACT ACOUSTIC will be included on the digital sampler of this year’s Protest Issue (#42), available in mid-August!

  • January News 2012:
    OutVoice ( is the home of the oldest and only active GLBT Musicians CD ranking system. It’s organized and tracked by Len Rogers of Roanoke, VA, and it has been online since 1996.

    Linq’s CD LIFE GOES ON has just been ranked #2 on the OutVoice Top 20 CD’s of 2011 Top Twenty CD Chart, and her single “Oh Bully” is ranked #4 on the OutVoice 2011 Top Ten Song Chart. The countdown shows of these charts can be heard on Rainbow World Radio. (

  • November News 2011:
    LIFE GOES ON continued to hold the Number One slot on the OutVoice Top Twenty CD chart for the month of November. “Oh Bully” stayed strong at the Number Six position on the OutVoice November 2011 Top Ten Song Chart.

    Each month features an artist or band from its community, asking a series of questions. GoGirl Madalyn Sklar interviewed Linq for the November issue, and the article can be read here:

    Linq had the pleasure of meeting The Gay Gourmet Michael Munoz at the OutMusic Awards Show in NYC in May. He’s an absolute sweetie! He’s also a food-loving blogger, and he recently posted his latest fabulous entry featuring the highlights of a phone conversation they shared.

    Thanks to an opportunity presented through Linq’s Songsalive! ( membership, she’s been chosen as one of the artists to be depicted on the cover of the next edition of the Indie Bible (, a great source of information for independent musicians. And kudos to her friend, graphic design artist, and photographer Lisa Hoag ( for capturing the shot that made the grade.

    Linq did a nice interview last year on The Tenth Voice, a weekly show on KKFI 90.1FM in Kansas City, MO, with host Tom Edmondson. His artist interviews are now available as podcasts on SoundCloud if you’d like to check them out at your convenience.

  • September 2011:
    “Oh Bully” is one of the five nominees in the 2011 RightOut TV AWARDS in the Best Folk/Roots/Jazz Video (DIY) category.

  • August 2011:
    Linq’s single “Oh Bully” reached the coveted #1 position on the OutVoice July 2011 Top Ten Song Chart, and her CD LIFE GOES ON was #7 on the OutVoice July 2011 Top Twenty CD Chart.

  • August 2011:
    Linq's Latest CD, Caught in the Act Acoustic is being manufactured as you’re reading this, and the projected release date is October 3rd, 2011. This up-close-and-personal, live solo acoustic project features mostly previously-released songs along with a couple of new ones. Percussionist Lee Madeloni joins Linq on about half of the tracks. It’s quite a departure from her previous albums, and more closely represents the vibe of her solo shows.

  • August 18th – August 20th: 2011 We R Indie / Indiegrrl International Music Festival and Conference, Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park & Convention Center, Knoxville, TN.

    Linq has been selected as one of eighteen finalists in a Songwriter Showdown and will compete on Thursday, August 18th in front of six music industry judges from Nashville, Knoxville, and more. If she makes the top five, she’ll compete again on Saturday, August 20th.

    Linq is also a featured artist on the main Indiegrrl Stage that Saturday evening. These events are open to the public, so if you’re in the area, please come on over and take your pick from two stages of selected performers from around the world. Details are available here:

  • July 12th, 2011:Linq's interview with Mike Sargent on Niteshiftz aired on WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City shortly after midnight on Monday, July 12th, and is now available on podcast if you’d like to listen:

    Her interview starts off with the airing of “Oh Bully” about 14 minutes into the program. The remainder of the show centers around the topic of bullying, including some interesting commentary from live phone calls with listeners.

  • July 10th, 2011:
    Radio Crystal Blue: Dan Herman’s long-running internet radio/podcast program focuses on indie songwriters and bands currently touring and making news. “On My Own Again” from Fast Moving Dream (2006) was one of the songs featured on his show on July 10th. His unique and eclectic program runs for more than four hours. You can listen at your convenience in multiple formats:

    (1) FeedPlayer:
    (2) Podcast:
    (3) mp3:
    (4) RSS:

  • May 2011 Linq’s single “Oh Bully” rocketed to #6 on the OutVoice May 2011 Top Ten Song Chart, and her CD LIFE GOES ON was #5 on the OutVoice May 2011 Top Twenty CD Chart.

  • On May 23, 2011 Linq won the OUTstanding OUTmusician Award at the 7th Annual 2011 OUTmusic Awards in New York City - for her newest release, "Oh Bully" - an urgent response to the recent and tragic school bullying suicides.

    Photos from the 7th Annual 2011 OutMusic Awards Show are now available to view at if you’d like to see them.

  • February 2011 “Oh Bully” is in rotation during the Feb/March edition of Skope Magazine’s online radio show.

  • January 2011: Life Goes On: Radio Crystal Blue aired “Life Goes On Part 2” on the January 16th show. Many thanks to show host Dan Herman for his ongoing support of Linq’s music.

  • December 2010: LINQ’s “Diversity Dance” video was in regular rotation for the month of December on Right Out TV, Canada’s 24/7 music video channel showcasing Out artists.

  • December 2010: “Oh Bully” was one of the songs featured on Pride Showcase End of Year Special Best of 2010 on QNation FM

  • Best of 2010
    OutRadio for January 2011-Best of 2010 Show is a special edition hosted by JD Doyle. Part 1 features his picks for best albums of the year, and Part 2 is for best singles. “Oh Bully” is included as one of the best singles. The show can be streamed or downloaded anytime at

  • November 2010: The It Gets Better Project has touched the world with its goal to help LGBT youth see hope in their futures, and JD Doyle salutes the project and documents the musical efforts addressing the topic of anti-gay bullying and teen suicide on OutRadio November 2010 – The Music of the Movement. Linq’s tune "Oh Bully" is included in Part 1. The show is archived and can be heard at:

  • November 2010: Linq was spotlighted in November on the popular webzine Voices To Hear. Check it out: She was also invited to join the non-profit music service

  • October 2010:
    Linq Interviewed: Linq returned to the airwaves for an interview with Merry Gangemi on WGDR 91.1FM in Plainfield, VT, on Thursday, October 28th. Merry hosts Woman-Stirred Radio, a weekly show that features interviews with GLBTQ writers, poets, musicians, and artists.

  • October 2010: The Tenth Voice, a weekly show on KKFI 90.1FM in Kansas City, MO, featured an interview with Linq by host Tom Edmondson on Saturday, October 30th.

  • October 2010:
    Oh Bully: Linq filmed video footage for the Oh Bully video on Columbus Day weekend. Matt Bucy from White River Junction, VT, was the cinematographer, and Chris Dawes from Brooklyn, NY, contributed additional footage and is editing and co-producing. This happens to be National Bullying Prevention Month. With four teen suicides due to bullying in the news last month, the need for heightened public awareness and education on this issue is urgent.

  • September 2010: Linq was one of the featured artists on the September 2010 Out Radio show hosted by JD Doyle. Doyle interviewed Linq and played seven of her songs. Listen by clicking on Part 2 at the top of the page at

  • September 2010:
    The International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA) has verified that “Money Today”, from RX and the SIDE EFFECTS, is eligible for certification as an International ‘Top 100’ based on its #75 position on August 14, 2010 one of the charts monitored by IAIRA.

  • August 2010:
    Just back from Indiegrrl Conference 2010: Knoxville was lots of fun! Linq got Life Goes On placed for airplay with a folk DJ on WDVX, one of Knoxville’s premier radio stations. She made lots of new friends and some great new contacts in the music industry.

    Linq was caught on video playing guitar for Anna Gutmanis at the Indiegrrl Open Mic on the main stage at the Knoxville Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park and Conference Center. Those of you who are on Facebook and would like to see the clip can view it by clicking HERE.

  • May 2010 news: Linq was one of the featured artists on the GoGirls Music Radio Hour that aired live on April 26th on USTREAM TV. GoGirls promotes women in music “cuz chicks rock”! Check them out at If you’d like to watch the show, it’s archived at:

  • April 2010 news: It’s official… Linq has just been named Musical Artist of 2009 in the Pride in the Arts Music Awards. Thanks to everyone for your great support!

  • April 2010: Linq has just been added to the Hot New Artist page at Audiosparx! This internationally known music library provides quality music and sound effect tracks to the global audio community.

  • April 2010: “Change the Picture” by Linq has been selected for the 2010 Indiegrrl Compilation CD! Every year Indiegrrl Women in the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, produces a CD that is used to promote the organization and events. It features some of the top indie women in music, comedy and spoken word. It’s mailed out to radio stations and other media outlets and given away for other promotional purposes. When released, it will also be available to purchase at

  • April 2010: Linq’s new song “Oh Bully” is in the final mixing stages at the Institute for the Musical Arts The timing is perfect with the anti-bullying bill working its way through the MA legislature and indictments in progress on nine youths involved in the recent bullycide of a South Hadley, MA, teenager. The possibility of a video is being explored on this one.

  • March 2010: Linq continues to get airplay on a regular basis. Recent shows include,, and

  • February 2010: Linq is one of the featured artists on the new Kweevak Music Magazine podcast #122. If you’d like to listen to the show, it’s at:

  • January 2010: “Diversity Dance” from Life Goes On was one of the songs featured on the Special Best of 2009 Show on the December 28, 2009 edition of Pride Showcase on QNation FM.

  • November 2009: WomensRadio, home of the finest Independent Female Musicians, is playing “Gun In Hand” from RX and the SIDE EFFECTS in regular rotation through the end of 2009. Listen at:

  • October 2009: The 2009 OUTMusic Awards (OMA) Nominees were announced on October 28, 2009, and Linq is one of the five finalists for OUTMUSICIAN OF THE YEAR (Music + Activism) with “Change the Picture.”

  • September 2009: Rx and the Side Effects spent 5 weeks in the Roots Music Report Top 50 Folk, peaking at #23 for the week ending September 25th. The RMR also tracks airplay by state (all genres combined), and Rx and the SIDE EFFECTS peaked at #4 in the MA Roots Airplay Chart for the week ending September 25th.

  • September 2009: Nette Radio is a weekly 2-hour internet radio show dedicated to promoting unsigned/indie women musicians. It airs live on Wednesday from 6 to 8PM Pacific Time. Hosted by Annette Conlon,the September 9th program includes a CD Preview of RX and the SIDE EFFECTS.
    To listen live:
    Chat online:
    Check out later:

  • September 2009: Mona Rodriguez recently interviewed Linq for her show “Assorted Women” that airs on Saturdays from 6:30 – 8PM on WDIY 88.1FM. This NPR station covers the Lehigh Valley in PA.

  • September 2009: Prescription Chaos aired live on September 12th on Tee-M’s Unsigned Music Show on WPMD’s “Rock 50” with Mike Stark. The show can be heard as a podcast at

  • September 2009:
    RX and the SIDE EFFECTS: Linq has been interviewed by JD Doyle, who will feature RX and the SIDE EFFECTS on the September edition of Audiofile, the monthly CD review segment carried by This Way Out ( on its 175+ stations around the world. The Audiofile site is at, and all past segments are archived at

  • September 2009: RX and the SIDE EFFECTS is being featured on the Main Page of the Kweevak Music Magazine for the next two months as part of Issue #53.

    As a former professional pharmacist turned prolific indie artist Boston's Linq offers a musical manifesto on the current hotbed societal issue of fixing the health care industry. Anyone who has been watching the debate unfold but has yet to grasp the breadth and depth of the problem and dire circumstances that often occur when patients seek medical attention in the United States - well, Rx and The Side Effects, the fourth full-length album from the modern folk rocker - is as good of a place to start as any to get a clear-eyed offering into all that has gone wrong with health care in America. By raising the clarion call on issues such as over-prescriptions, the uninsured, post-care poverty, the burden of coverage and a variety of drug related crimes - the ten songs on Linq's sixth overall release reveal an intelligent and insightful artist with a conscience who speaks out on the issues. Presented in singer-songwriter format Linq will often mix it up to include Blues, R&B and techno strains with her dominant folk delivery and the results are most effective on the anthemic "Prescription Chaos" and the rockin' "Side Effects". While Linq may not have a solution or a cure for the ills of the health care industry - she does have a diagnosis - and it doesn't look too good. Maybe a dose of these good songs from Linq are the only injection the industry needs to get itself healed once and for all.
    Richard J. Lynch,, August 2009

  • August 2009: RX and the SIDE EFFECTS, Linq’s fourth full-length album, was released on August 25th, and it has already landed in the “Top 50 Folk” in the Roots Music Report for the week of August 28th. The RMR charts are compiled from radio airplay data only (# of spins).

  • August 25, 2009:
    CD RELEASE- RX AND THE SIDE EFFECTS: New England sensation Linq is back with a new CD. In Rx and The Side Effects, ex-pharmacist Linq, sings about the evils of prescription medicines on Prescription Chaos, Side Effects; an inside voice that we all might want to take note of. With a folky, fifties yet contemporary rock sound, Linq has gone where few will go.

    Money Today tells a heartfelt story of money and success, and Linq has the knack of story-telling in a moving and musical way. More stories of life and its atrocities on Tired, and Simple Woman. Get a box of tissues ladies or you won’t get through this collection. And as Linq prescribes, Take two CDs and call her in the morning.
    Womens Rising Music, August 2009

  • August 2009:
    “Change the Picture” by Linq from CHANGE THE PICTURE, GEORGE! (also available on LIFE GOES ON) is one of the 22 Political Song nominees in the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, literally the world's largest music awards with 42,000 albums and 560,000 songs received.

    Just Plain Folks is a community of more than 51,500 Songwriters, Recording Artists and Music Industry Professionals — and host to the world's largest independent music awards. The organization was created to provide a network of cooperation and inclusion for musicians.

  • August 2009:
    LIFE GOES ON Review: Linq is a little bit like the love baby of Barney and Melissa Etheridge, and I really don’t mean that in a derogatory way. If Linq played an outdoor festival and if my partner and I had kids, we would be out having a picnic dancing on the grass with our cute gaybies singing along. Yes, I said gaybies. How can you not love a song called “Diversity Dance?” Hooray for gays! Hooray for bisexuals! It doubles the dating pool! After all, a little dose of cheesiness isn’t always bad, is it?

    Take Glenn Danzig. He is one of the cheesiest guys ever, and he writes some of the cheesiest songs ever, and yet he is still able to make the biggest, hairiest metal heads sing along like twelve-year-old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. The dude can rock, and part of what makes him rock is a certain element of ridiculous that also make his songs catchy. Linq has that same sort of catchiness, as well. Her songs have an addictive beat that makes them fun to listen to.

    Linq and her fellow musicians are a talented crew. They obviously play their instruments with love and conviction. Don’t let the small dose of silly chase you away. Most of the songs on Life Goes On are seriously good.

    As I mentioned before, Linq’s voice is a bit like Melissa Etheridge, and her music also follows the same kind of sound (with some kd Lang and maybe even a bit of Led Zeppelin in there as well, particularly on tracks like “SOS” and “Life Goes On”). It’s certainly “folk rock with a message” as her website states: Linq and her band take on everything from the Bush administration to the Patriot Act to deforestation. Frankly, I like her sound, I applaud her message(s), and I even like the slice of brie in there with it.

    Feminist Review
    Review by Emily S. Dunster
    August 14, 2009

    Linq: Life Goes On

  • June 2009:
    LinqMusic News: Linq's music was rockin' on TEE-M's UNsigned Music Show #44 on WPMD's "Rock 50" with Mike Stark on Saturday, June 6th. The 2-hour show can be heard "ON DEMAND" for about a month, and it's also available on podcast at The featured track was "Route 32 Blues" from LIFE GOES ON. TEE-M is a great supporter of indie artists, and he's a unique artist himself. Check him out at

  • Review: Windy City Times, Chicago, IL

    Pop Making Sense
    by David Byrne with Tony Peregrin

    The sun beautifully reflecting over the water on the cover of Linq's third album, Life Goes On, perfectly suits the set's mood. It captures the assuring serenity of the harmonies on the title track's reprise and even catches a glimpse of the potential environmental loss as heard on the opener “Where Will the Wild Ones Go.” The out musician brings up the paranoia of big brother on “George Orwell Where Are You?,” then offers a fun introduction to queer sexuality on “Diversity Dance.” This one should be incorporated into high school and collegiate sociology curricula. Linq has a knack for harmonies and captivating choruses, like on “Will You Care” and “Ode to the Butterworth Boys.” But it is the repetition of Linq singing “life goes on” throughout the reprise that I want to play on repeat for all perpetual pessimists and overreacting drama queens, so they can put life's curveballs into perspective. The Massachusetts-based Linq provides sound advice in her storytelling and makes the listener think about global consequences while harmonies melt over her folk-pop sound.

  • March 2009: "Irish Lass" from FAST MOVING DREAM is in the 7th epsiode of the WomensRadio Music Review Podcast, which is available here (and on iTunes).

  • March 2009: Linq is featured artist on the Women's Rising Music home page. The site features women in the music industry who are unique and talented artists in their genre.

  • March 2009:
    LIFE GOES ON is featured on the main page of Kweevak’s Featured Artists section for March 2009, Issue #50.

  • LIFE GOES ON Review:

    By Jennifer Layton, March 7, 2009

    As an indie music writer, I feel seriously outclassed here. Linq has no business being on an indie site. She should be opening for Bob Dylan. Or Joni Mitchell. Janis Ian would love her too. It’s not just Linq’s talent that puts her on this level. As a protest folk singer/songwriter and activist, she somehow manages to avoid the “Everything Sucks” sub-genre that so many indie protest folkies fall into.

    “Change the Picture”, the second track on this CD, is a perfect example. Linq doesn’t just protest racism and homophobia. She tries to whip up positive change. While reminding us that “nobody’s born a racist, nobody’s born a homophobe,” she suggests that we start more conversations and set better examples for kids.

    She also switches gears and uses humor to diffuse a touchy subject. Take “Diversity Dance,” a song about the disadvantages to borrowing against your 401(k). Kidding. It’s about diversity, and it features great lyrics like:

    You can dance if you’re straight
    You can dance if you’re gay
    Transsexual too
    And bisexuality is cool
    It doubles the dating pool ...

    See? Funny and on-target, as well as a great explanation for why my love life is so quiet. I’ve been limiting my options. Who knew?

    Still, Linq provides bite when she has to, and it’s a powerful thing. The opening track, “Where Will the Wild Ones Go”, is quiet musing over the destruction of nature in order to build more shopping malls. Right away, I thought of the increase of deer in my neighborhood. The wooded areas in my part of town are being torn down to build more hotels, and suddenly deer are showing up in residential neighborhoods, attacking people in their yards. I came face to face with a doe while taking my morning walk a few months ago. I thought about that a lot during this song, which means it was only track one, and Linq was already proving how good she is.

    Other standouts include “Route 32 Blues” with its great live feel. Nice to know Linq can take a break from the big social issues to notice the little things, like that thumping sound from the flat tire that’s been rolling over the past seventeen miles. “George Orwell Where Are You” is a clever, mysteriously-rapped message that will have you closing the drapes, turning off your computer, and wrapping tinfoil around your head.

    My favorite is the title track. It starts with a mystical sound, like the wind over the mountains. Then, suddenly, stunningly glorious harmonies open the track. It’s a beautiful, powerful way to open the song. Picture me giving a standing ovation to vocalists June Millington, Jean Millington (they’re twins, right?), Lee Madeloni, NaiaKete, and Joy Conz. The tempo matches the ebb and flow of life, which is the point of the song.

    Until the rest of the world catches on, I’ll just be grateful that Linq stopped by our little indie site. And I’ll keep this CD as proof that I knew the deal long before the majors did.

  • February 2009:
    LIFE GOES ON Review:
    “Our Corner of the Rock 'n' Roll Life”
    New England Music Scrapbook Newsletter
    Alan Lewis, Editor,
    February 14, 2009 Issue 2009:314

    “Life Goes On”

    Back when the Vermont Guardian was still a going concern, we received a solo album by one of THE stars of 1970s/1980s women's music, Cris Williamson. The sentiments expressed on that disc were as I would have expected, from reading articles and interviews. So what was most striking was the care with which the record was made. Unfortunately, it arrived after what would have been my deadline, and I was unable to write up Williamson or her CD. But Williamson, by that time, was both a veteran and a star of women's music; and she could have dashed off a record, and fans still would have loved it. Be that as it may, it was readily apparent that, in addition to doing her part to save the world and expressing her views directly on a variety of topics, Williamson placed making the best music she could on a very high priority.

    “Life Goes On” by Linq is in a somewhat similar vein.

    Save the world? Check.

    Put my thoughts out there for all to hear? Check.

    Make a great sounding CD? You bet!

    Things have been more than a little ragged around here since “Life Goes On” arrived, and I have not been able to give the record multiple plays nor take notes. But I can say that I have suggested her Track 7, “George Orwell Where Are You”, as apropos and excellent intro/outro music for a national radio talk show featuring one of my favorite hosts. I'd love to see and hear it work out.

    And Linq's Track 1, “Where Will the Wild Ones Go,” has an effect that I was born to enjoy. The vocals have just the tiniest roughness to them, bringing about what we call a “live” sound? Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys spoke very favorably of a similar instrumental effect creating great musical tension. Then, on “Where Will the Wild Ones Go,” comes a fantastic Brian Wilsonian gush of harmony, which sets off against the prior vocals wonderfully. Tension and release: one of the greatest and most important effects of musical expression.

    So while I did not yet get a chance to give this disc all the plays it deserves, I did find a lot to like and went so far as to suggest a cut for consideration for national airplay.

    Great album. Linq fans are going to want it. ...

    Do check out Linq's “Life Goes On.” I plan to do the same, with the volume at a little higher setting next time.

    Well done.

  • Linq is featured on Kweevak Radio #108 podcast - tune in at:

  • December 2008:
    The Pride Music Playoffs Top 25 Songs for 2008 have been announced by the Duke and Megaclectic, and “Change the Picture” by Linq finished second according to win/loss record and number of votes.

  • December 2008:
    Linq was the Featured Artist of the month at

  • May 29th, 2008:
    Linq was interviewed live on-air on WGDR 91.1FM with host Mary Gangemi. Woman-Stirred Radio is a queer cultural journal that explores, articulates, and preserves the cultural heritage of GLBTQ artists, writers, musicians, academics, political figures, and policy-makers.

  • January 2008:
    LINQ joins the California-based Rockin' Moms January 2008 podcast hosted by Tiffany Petrossi featuring Moms Who Rock. This month features an intro by Tiffany and her two kids, music by: Stacy Kray, "An Easy Peace"; Linq, "Victim of the War", and "Change The Picture"; Davina Robinson, "Making Love To Your Girlfriend"; Madeline Roa, "Another Fallen Soldier", "Kind of Girl”, and "Slave To Your Charms"; Lisa Biales, "Take Time"; and Tiffany Petrossi, "Caravan".
    Listen to the podcast.

  • November 25, 2007:
    After a consistent presence on the charts at since last summer, Linq reached the number 1 slot for the week of November 11, 2007. She also finished in fifth place for the entire month of October.

  • October 2007:
    After spending five weeks on the AMERICAN IDOL UNDERGROUND charts, LINQ broke into the top 50, landing at #43 for the week of September 24th with "Victim of the War" from her 2006 release FAST MOVING DREAM.

  • October 2007:
    Kate Kulas, host/producer of Rainbow Connection – the Music Mix on KUMD in Duluth, MN, announced that LINQ was the MOST REQUESTED ARTIST of the September Listener Request Shows.

  • October 2007 Gay Guitarists Worldwide Featured Artist:
    LINQ talks about her life in music in an exclusive photo-filled interview feature.

  • Sept. 2007:
    It's official! FAST MOVING DREAM (2006) has been on the Outvoice Top 40 Chart for a full year.

  • September 6th, 2007:
    “George Orwell Where Are You?” from CHANGE THE PICTURE, GEORGE! (Feb 2007) is currently (Sept 6, 2007) ranked #24 on Neil Young’s Top 280 Protest Videos.

  • August 2007:
    INDIEGRRL featured Linq as their August artist of the month.

  • July 9, 2007:
    WXOJ 103.3FM in Northampton, MA: Linq was interviewed live on-air by host Arjuna Greist on Patchwork Majority.

  • June 2007:
    Linq was a MAIN PAGE FEATURED ARTIST in the Kweevak Music Magazine (#41) this month with her latest release, CHANGE THE PICTURE, GEORGE!

  • June 23, 2007:
    BUTTERWORTH: A Short Video Essay premiered at the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, VT. The short film was produced by John Scagliotti (In the Life) and author Allen Young, and the soundtrack featured four songs from Linq’s 2004 release, JOURNEY.

  • May 2007:
    Linq was voted weekly PME Diamond in the Rough. Protectomatic Music and Entertainment (Seattle, WA) placed Linq on the PME Home Page from May 21st through May 27th.

    The review read:
    “Linq is a heartfelt composer that digs deep into her past and the experiences of others to create powerful, meaningful and driving songs that make you move, shake and think. Linq is PME's Diamond in the rough this week.”
    PME empowers artists everywhere with tailored programs designed to fit individual needs. Check them out at

  • April 19, 2007:
    Linq was interviewed by “Gay Spirit” show host Keith Brown on WWUH 91.3FM, a Public Alternative Radio station at the University of Hartford.

  • April News:
    Linq was the April Spotlight Artist on Collected Sounds, a site focusing mainly on independent female musicians and singer/songwriters.

  • March 25, 2007: Linq’s video of “George Orwell Where Are You” was screened at the Miami Beach Cinematheque in Miami Beach, FL on March 25th as part of a short-films festival produced by the multi-talented Sandra Grace.

  • News: John Tweeton (aka Sven) interviewed Linq on Sven's World Radio.

  • ROYALSTON, MA, FEBRUARY 27TH, 2007 – Linqsongs Publishing proudly announces the release of “Change the Picture, George!”, a new 2-song enhanced CD with video by Linq. CHANGE THE PICTURE, GEORGE! attacks the status quo with the sharpness of a stiletto. Linq pulls no punches as she challenges us to look at the roots of hatred and prejudice to gain insight toward a more peaceful world, and provides an Orwellian wake-up call complete with an accompanying video in CDr format that can be viewed by computer. June Millington produced the project at IMAeast and joined Linq in the accompanying video.

  • March 2007 Artist of the Month: Rainbow Connection-The Music Mix on KUMD 103.3FM Duluth, MN.  Host Kate Kulas featured Linq each Sunday from 5:30 to 6PM CST.

  • LINQ was featured live on a one-hour prime-time radio show with host Z Man on the ArtistFirst World Radio Network on February 20, 2007.

  • January 11, 2007: The 2006 International Narrative Song Competition (INSC) based in Ontario Canada awarded Linq's healthcare song, (Tired, Diane Lincoln USA), an Honorable Mention in the Other Human Relationships category.  "Tired" is available on FAST MOVING DREAM (June 2006).

  • January 2007: FAST MOVING DREAM was added to the Rainbow World Radio playlist in September and landed at #23 on the OutVoice 2006 Top 40 CD Chart for the entire year.

  • LINQ was interviewed live on WDYN Independent Radio's Featured Artist Series by host Jill Wood on Friday January 12th.

  • Dec. 2, 2006: Linq was the featured artist on the half-hour Lesbian Radio show on Plains FM 96.9 in Christchurch, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

  • LINQ is one of the two featured artists in the November 2006 edition of Canadian-based Indieguitarists.

  • Sept. 2, 2006: It's official!  Linq is an Editor's Choice Winner in the 2006 " Music Project of the Year Awards" for her JOURNEY CD as chosen by the staff and associates of the website.  Earlier in the year JOURNEY finished in 4th place in their 2006 "Reader's Survey".

  • Sept 2006 - Linq selected for "Future Stars" series:
    Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue (Brooklyn, NY) has announced that Linq has been selected for his annual Future Stars airplay series.
    "Future Stars, in essence, is a weekly series that spotlights a series of artists I deem to be above and beyond the top indie/underground artists heard on my weekly internet radio show." Dan Herman

  • Linq's new CD, FAST MOVING DREAM, has been selected to be on the main page of Kweevak Music Magazine #36 (Q3 2006).!

  • WVES 99.3FM in in Parksley, VA, did an artist spotlight on Linq on Friday, August 25, 2006.

  • On June 13, 2006 Linq released her new CD, “Fast Moving Dream”. In “Fast Moving Dream”, LINQ tackles homophobia, healthcare, war and the importance of being true to yourself - with driving electric folk and rebellion rock!
    Guest Artists include June Millington, Jami Sieber, Loren Weisman, Julie Wolf & Allison Miller.
    The album was produced by June Millington.

  • May 2006: LINQ won fourth place in the 2006 Kweevak Music Readers Survey Awards for her CD Journey!

  • Monday March 20 8-9PM: Linq spent an hour on-air live on G-Vegas Jams with host Derek Drowne on WNYN (the eagle), Gardner's kickin' rock station. They discussed the pending release of Linq's new CD, “Fast Moving Dream”. The audience was treated to seven tracks from the new project.

  • January 2006: Linq was selected to be featured on the main page for the new issue (#33) of the Kweevak Music Magazine (January/February 2006)!

  • November 2005: "Don't You Understand", Linq's song about same-sex marriage, was featured in the premiere issue of "The GenderiZine of Massachusetts: The Spirit of America " in their Music Corner (page 36).

  • On September 13th, 2005 Linq participated in the candle light vigil held on the Northampton City Hall steps on the eve of the pending anti-gay amendment vote at the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. She played a couple of songs to open the event and draw the crowd over. One of the Goodridge plaintiff couples spoke, along with some legislators and several other people. She then closed the event with her song, "Don't You Understand", which deals specifically with the same-sex marriage issue.

  • On July 26, 2005 Linq joined host Derek on "Around Town with Derek Drowne" on WGAW 1340AM Talk Radio. The hour-long weekday show covers who’s who and what’s going on in the greater Gardner MA area.

  • On July 22, 2005 Linq unveiled "Irish Lass", her tribute song to her housemate, Dorothy Hayden (10/18/1947- 7/20/2004), at a first anniversary remembrance party at her home. Dottie fought a valiant battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for five years. The event was featured in the Athol Daily News (7/9/2005) and the Greenfield Recorder (7/23/2005).

  • On July 18, 2005 Linq appeared live on "G-Vegas Jams" on WNYN, (99.9 the eagle), in Gardner MA, for an hour of banter and performance.

  • On February 6, 2005 Linq joined Marcia Maglioni Flynn on the show "NNQ" on WJDF in Orange MA for a half hour. Included was the airing of her first healthcare song, "Tired", in addition to discussion of the transitions happening around selling her pharmacy and opening a bookstore.

  • WRSI, "93.9 the river", in Northampton, MA chose Linq as one of the fifteen finalists in their annual singer/songwriter contest in 2004. She has also been featured on their Local Heroes segment.

  • On June 29, 2004 Linq joined Bob Parks in the A/O TV Studio in Athol, MA to record a half hour solo performance as part of his "Originals" series. It has been aired on Channel 13 several times.

    LINQ played some peace-oriented songs at the conclusion of "The War on Terrorism: A Historical Perspective", a talk given at A/O TV in Athol MA by noted historian and author, Howard Zinn. The event was televised on Channel 13.

  • On January 8, 2004, Linq joined Bob Paquette on-air on Morning Edition on WFCR in Amherst MA (public radio) to discuss "War Machine", which she had released as a single in June 2003.

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